As part of our sustainability commitments, 3form takes responsibility for its products over their entire life-cycle, when possible. Our Reclaim program reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or from full-sized panels damaged in production. Pieces available through Reclaim meet 3form's rigorous quality control standards, and are considered first-quality, with professional trimming to final size, as listed.


Going a step further towards Zero Waste, we're excited to now offer our Reform program, in which beautiful, and often one-of-a-kind materials are made available at low cost to artists, up-cycling geniuses, craft crusaders, and visionaries seeking great prices on truly amazing pieces. Reform materials are considered second-quality - they might be untrimmed, oddly sized, have blemishes, or have other defects - kind of like diamonds in the rough.

Important Notes:

  1. Selections in Reclaim/Reform are always changing, check often!
  2. Reclaim/Reform materials can ONLY be viewed and purchased online.

Reclaim Bowls

In another of 3form's social responsibility initiatives, recycled materials meet a great cause. We invited our employees to hand-make artful bowls from Reclaim materials, which then make wonderful gifts or sophisticated accents to your space. We then donate 100% of the proceeds from internet sales of Reclaim Bowl sales to Utah based non-profit Design Build Bluff, whose work helps provide sustainable housing to Navajo people, while providing real world experience to architecture students.

Varia Ecoresin

fossil leaf spade full straight

$66.04 - $132.06

hint rule reef hint rule


vitamin c

$28.35 - $90.12



mirage aquarius twirl pure white white out


mega bulbe marmalade white out


crush pure


criss cross


electric blue 2


mirage twilight twirl


gingko thatch


bear grass 50 percent fade


bear grass 50 percent


mega bulbe marmalade white out


gild silver


thicket gray fade


ting ting


bear grass lite 50 percent fade tide tide tide glacier


silken oyster


iris v11


scan surface oj ghost

$58.34 - $116.68

amazon grove white out


bewitched white out

$15.90 - $31.79

wisp copper


awash G51

$59.94 - $119.88

silken bridal

$41.34 - $82.67

current porcelain


pure white vapor ghost

$67.07 - $134.16

wave lemon lemon

$99.62 - $199.24

bliss nectar white out

$9.55 - $13.80

thicket gray


cobalt vapor



$29.19 - $58.38

petal petal petal white out

$29.19 - $58.38

pewter oat vapor

$35.01 - $70.03

highres dash vapor




pewter reflect


tropical G41 white out


wizard B30 glacier




khaki khaki khaki


atlantic atlantic glacier


monsoon white out


pure silver


bear grass 50 percent grove tide tide tide fade



$12.59 - $92.06

vade highres gray oak




mirage aquarius twirl pure white white out



atlantic avalanche


flood white out


monsoon B62




pixie G52






sable reflect


shoreline B37


atlantic white out



clear float small clear